Category: Minecraft

  • Arlington National Cemetery

    Arlington National Cemetery

    This is a work in progress but this is the start of the Arlington National Cemetery in Minecraft. The flag is a little larger than I wanted but then again, this is a cemetery.

  • Connecticut State Capital

    Connecticut State Capital

    Here’s a replica of the Connecticut State Capital in Minecraft. It’s a little more square than I wanted but I think it conveys the original pretty well. If you look in the background, you can see a hint of a replica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception which is in Washington, DC. More…

  • Minecraft Cityscape

    Minecraft Cityscape

    Here’s some of the buildings that are going up in my new city…more details to come!

  • Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House

    I’m working on building infrastructure for a new city its gets boring working on just roads so I took a break and built this replica of the Sydney Opera House in Minecraft. Sometimes I just create a shell of the building I’m trying to replicate but other times I do the inside as well. I’ll…

  • National Park Lodge

    National Park Lodge

    I found an awesome extreme mountains biome in my world in Minecraft and felt that it needed some National Park assets so I built this lodge facility as a start.

  • Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridge

    Here’s a suspension bridge that I created in Minecraft: